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New offices for PROGNOST Systems Inc.


In mid of 2020 PROGNOST Systems Inc. relocated inside of the greater Houston Area. The NASA Bypass Business Park is the new home of our US subsidiary. In an local magazine an interesting article was published and can be read here.

New offices of PROGNOST

Another prestigious newcomer to NASA Bypass Business Park is the international company PROGNOST whose tagline reads “Intelligence on Duty” to connote innovative, active, and advanced rotating equipment monitoring, protection, and management. This global firm, with offices in Germany and Abu Dhabi, chose this premier business park for its US and Canada headquarters. PROGNOST Systems with over two decades of experience, provides advanced monitoring systems, diagnostic services, and machinery protection for rotating equipment, especially for the oil and gas industry. PROGNOST has patented a diagnostic system that continuously records, analyzes, interprets high resolution data for complex reciprocating compressors for rotating equipment, as well as bearing, shafts, and gearboxes. PROGNOST monitors machinery health and has earned considerable renown as the inventor of segmented vibration analyses, whereby multiple sensors placed on equipment continuously record data and send actionable text messages to operators for machine monitoring, protection, and management….

Artical about the New offices for PROGNOST
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